Гигантские деревья необычайной красоты в Сингапурском парке поражают своим великолепием и разнообразием цветов. На 101 гектаре расположились две оранжереи с 220 тысячами растений со всех континентов.

Какие ассоциации возникают у Вас со словом “пустыня”? Правильно, сухая земля, песок, камни, жара, кактусы. Но, пустыня Анза-Боррего в определенный период времени (апрель-май) пустыня превращается в волшебный сад с крутыми ущельями.

Когда слышишь о водопадах, сразу воображение рисует огромные потоки воды, несущиеся вниз с огромной высоты. Но только не в австралийском заливе Талбот. И пусть их высота не больше пяти метров, в красоте и живописности они не уступают обычным водопадам.

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A special feature of our company is the highest level of guiding service. We are committed to quality and proud that best of the best professional guides work in our team. 5-star level of service for everyone is our credo , and we do whatever is possible to turn it into reality.

During the tour you will be taken out on the comfortable car which will take you to the most precious monuments of the city’s rich history and original architecture carefully preserved as the world cultural heritage.

The Russian Museum represents one of the richest collections of Russian art in the world, gathered in the remarkable building of the Mikhailovsky Palace and its several annexes / It is hard to imagine a trip to Saint-Petersburg without visiting one of the most famous museums worldwide – the State Hermitage.

We suggest you to plunge into the magic world of night St.-Petersburg. Our guides will show and will tell to you about St.-Petersburg, its history and events, will tell you myths and legends.

Located on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland, 34 kilometers from St.Petersburg, spectacular Peterhof attracts thousands of tourists with its parks, palaces and, mainly, fountains.

The Summer Palace is the heart of Tsarskoe Selo (Tsar’s Village) – one of the most picturesque parks among the former residences of the Russian Emperors.

The former residence of the Emperor Paul I and one of the largest English gardens in Europe is located within 3 km from Pushkin. Here you may visit the classical style Emperor’s palace built on the edge of 18 – 19 centuries, and walk over the beautiful parks. The whole ensemble is included in UNESCO World’s Heritage list.

The tour will take you to the restored state apartments dating to Paul’s time, the imperial private chapel, and the unique collection of ancient arms. You will be introduced to the history of the Palace, its architects and owners and the formal and everyday life of the tsar’s court.

The Konstantinovsky Palace is a monument that was inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List, a remarkable example of Russian architecture. Nowadays the Konstantinovsky Palace is an official residence of the Russian president and constantly hosts state receptions, meetings, and talks (including the 32nd summit of the Group of Eight in 2006).